Last year, we spent a wonderful 4 days at Castel Fragsburg in Merano, Italy. The property is a small Relais and Chateaux property with wonderful accommodations, spa and incredible food. We would love to see Luxury Link bring back this property, if at all possible. This would be our wishlist for 2010. Here is their news letter I just received from them, unfortunately, their independent rates are far above those of the Luxury Link package we had auctioned last year.

Newsletter from Fragsburg

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A Shining new Star for the Dolomites
Michelin recognises Chef Luis Haller at Castel Fragsburg, Meran

The Relais & Chteaux Hotel Castel Fragsburg celebrates their much anticipated first Michelin Star, just published in the 2010 Michelin Guide. Since his arrival in 2007, Chef Luis Haller has dazzled diners with his culinary virtuoso performances - resulting in a marked increase of gastronomic visitors to the Smallest Luxury Hotel in the Dolomites.

The 32 year old Luis Haller is of local origin, therefore his thorough knowledge of the region is quintessential for sourcing produce from neighbouring farms, mostly of organic cultivation.

Shortly after taking the helm of the Castel Fragsburg Kitchens he also established an all important herb and kitchen garden, enveloped by the vineyards surrounding the hotel.

Chef Haller's style is individual, contemporary and eclectic, the presentation is stunning simplicity with a fine sense for shape and detail. Two of his signature dishes are 'Goose liver with Semi Bitter Chocolate and Pear Jelly' and 'Spicy Chocolate with a Spuma of Coco and its Sorbet'.

The Michelin Star is the latest and most coveted recognition following numerous accolades in national and international press and gastronomic guides for Chef Haller and his dynamic young brigade.

The Castel is perched against the south facing Dolomites - high above Meran in South Tyrol (Alto Adige) - and offers one of the most spectacular panoramas imaginable. All 20 luxurious rooms and suites have balconies or terraces, the dramatic views can also be enjoyed from the large pool area as well as the Spa and from the various dining salons or the fabulous al fresco dining terraces.

The Hotel Castel Fragsburg is a member of Relais & Chteaux since 2006,
it re opens for the new season on 1 April 2010.

Decide today to treat yourself tomorrow

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