Boston is a great area to visit. When you stay in Boston, you have the great city to explore which is rich in history and lots to to do. Along with being able to explore Boston, you also have easy access to many great sights on the east coast, all within a couple hours drive from the city. You can visist the Cape and see the ocean as well as head up to New Hampshire to explore the mountains (especially Mt. Washington). Then take off for Vermont and Maine, all within a short trip from Boston. I have been to the Boston, east coast area, several times, in the fall, what a sight to see. Boston has been the home base for all the exploration. It is best to just take off with no set plan and see where you end up. If you get a chance to eat at the Arrow restaurant in Maine you won't be disappointed, this was the best service I have ever experienced, and lets not forget the quaint town of Woodstock, Vermont. I could go on and on about the east coast area. It is a must see area.!!!!!