My Wife an I travelled to Hawaii last August. We stayed at two properties: The Grand Hyatt on Kauai, as well as the Four Seasons at Wailea on Maui. We much preferred the Hyatt & the island of Kauai - for it's serene beauty, raw setting, and old-world Hawaiian feel and style. The Four Seasons on Maui, while nice, felt more like a Hollywood Hotel that ended up in Hawaii. The service was meticulous at the FS, almost too much so..... I was asked countless times sitting around the pool whether I wanted my water glass filled. Some people like being waited on every 5 minutes, I preffer a little privacy.... to know the services are close by, but not to have to fight them off.

The Hyatt, I thought, was designed perfectly. The gardens, grounds, setting, and decor suited my eye very nicely. It was exactly what I expected to find in Hawaii. The golf course is also very beautiful.

If you are considering a trip to the islands, I highly recommend Kauai, and the Grand Hyatt - Five stars!