Hello Everyone,

Just got back from Congress Hall in Cape May and have to say this place was full even in the winter !!!! If you are looking for a winter wondeland destination aroung the holidays, this is the place to be. Many Christmas lights all over town, lots of little shops in the village to buy those special gifts, and the beach !

Congress Hall is the largest and oldest resort in the area as well as where all the action is during this time of year. I noticed LL had some auctions on this property and I will be bidding on one very soon. The place was very nice, clean with great food and drinks. The weather was actually in the mid 50's so I was even able to bike along the beach ( yes in the winter time!!!).

Great place to go with your family and/or loved ones....

Eat at The Blue Pig for breakfast, The Washingon Inn for dinner bothe great food and don't forget to have drinks in The Brown Room at Congress Hall !!!