We just spent a fabulous weekend at the fabulous boutique Hotel Glenn in downtown Atlanta! We were overwhelmed with the friendly and helpful staff, the artfully appointed accommodations, and the personal touches this hotel has to offer. The location is prime, and within walking distance to all the great hot spots of the city. We enjoyed a Dream Suite.huge when compared to the standard rooms in this upscale property.even had a separate sitting area with French doors and a second wall mounted LCD TV.

Loved the peek-a-boo shower. Of course it makes sense if you have selected the right roommate.

One night we opted for en-suite dining, which included the optional attentive server in other words, they stay and served us, rather than pushing in a dining cart and leaving us to handle the details. It seemed like a perfect idea, since we had been out and about most of the day, including two hours of ice skating. We just sat back in our bath robes, downeda bottle of very fine,but expensive, champagne and a delightful dinner.

Next night wedecided to eat at the Maxim Steak House off the lobby of the hotel. Pricey, sexy.had to go French with the sirloin au poivre, king crab and truffle potato cake a little overdone (the service, not the steak), but overall an excellent dining experience. This was a one-of-a-kind steal, since I used a VIP certificate and ending up paying less than the valet parking would have normally cost for the three night stay

Also included in our auction package were tickets to the HighMuseum of Art, which just happened to be exhibiting The First Emperor. Anyone having any interest in Asian Art and archaeology will surely be captivated by this exhibit.

Too bad the Hotel Glenn auction is not currently being offered. Maybe it will be back in 2009.

02/09/2009 - Just received an email offer from Hotel Glenn for a free third night with the purchase of two nights.
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