A few weeks ago my husband and I went to the White Mountains of NH for our Wedding Anniversary. We stayed at the Adair Country Inn. I can't say enough about this place. Its was totally relaxing, luxurious, cozy, and much more. The Innkeepers were fabulous and took time out of their busy days to chat with us and the rest of the guests. While is was quiet during our visit, we loved it. Its more like a cozy home instead of a B&B where one has to put on "airs". I am normally a person who is constantly moving but one day we actually stayed in our room, I took a nap (its been years since I did this) and read an entire book! And I must mention the fabulous breakfast Popovers -yummy! The Inn's restaurant is also not to be missed - our LL package included 2 dinners and we took full advantage of a wonderful menu. Their chef (who had to be pried from her kitchen to come out for her kudos) is a genius. I haven't even mentioned the property itself but I really can't write a travel book here can I. Take our word for it - you NEED to check out the Adair Country Inn . I know we plan on making it an annual event. PS Check out the Inn's cookbook!
Thanks to the wonderful Innkeepers - Ilja and Brad - you're doing EVERYTHING right!