I see that LL has another auction for Villa Montana and would highly recommend this trip. It has been 1.5 years since my husband and I visited, but it made an incredible lasting positive impression. After visiting several Mexican resorts (Villa del Sol, Royal Hideaway Playacar etc) I was looking for something away from throngs of tourists, where we could relax yet experience some real life of Mexico.

We were the only Americans at Villa Montana and this greatly added to the experience - other patrons were vacationing Mexicans. Although my grasp of the spanish language is marginal, most of the front line personnel were also english-speaking. The staff is kind, professional, but not fawning. The culture of the hotel is traditional and privacy is carefully guarded.

Our package was identical to the current offer, including breakfasts, spa treatments and a guide/tour. This was one of the few times I actually used and greatly enjoyed the guide/tour in all my travels and would highly recommend it. Breakfast food and presentation was excellent and we were also referred to several outstanding in-town restaurants by staff. Our room was enormous and included a fireplace which we used every night (it was December). The spa was absolutely lovely.

This hotel is NOT in Morelia proper, but overlooking the city which we actually liked. There is not much to do at the hotel itself; however, it offers an outstanding, private and "old school" luxury experience.