I've just returned from a week at Villa Del Sol in Zihuatanejo, Mexico as well as 3 days at the Inn at Manzanillo Bay in Troncones (about 30 miles north of Zihua).

This is my 4th trip to VDS and the first one since it has been sold. The good news is that all the staff is still there (VDS has the best service of any Mexico hotel I've ever been to!). The food/accomodations are still wonderful as ever.

New Changes:

Drinks served on the beach are now in plastic glasses - used to be glass

No more breakfast served on the beach - you must go to the "fancy" outside restaurant for breakfast.

Children allowed in the beach pool - used to be that the few children there were not allowed in the beach pool, but I saw a couple of them this go round and no one booted them out. Mind you, there are very few children at this hotel at all- it's not really child friendly.

These are minor changes, but having experienced the unbelievable pleasure and luxuriousness of VDS when it was under the previous ownership of Helmut, these little changes stood out.

The Inn at Manzanillo Bay in Troncones was wonderful as ever... this is a very small ocean front hotel (only 10little casitas- with basically a bed/bathroom and a terrace with built in bancos) that caters to surfers. They have a small pool and a very good restaurant with a limited but quite tasty menu. Most of people who stay there are old hippy surfers from around the worldwho made it good in the dot.com business and are lots of fun... plenty of good stories and laughs to be had. The price for this hotel is insanely cheap... $125.00 per night for the most expensive room (they have two little casitas that are the closest to the ocean)