I appreciate your comments on Mexico. I can see that you are passionate about Mexico. I traveled to Mexico back in 1965 when it was a gentler time, where a single girl could still use public transportation and could get around without having to worry too much about crime. I flew into Merida, the smallest airport I had ever seen at the time where chickens and goats shared the runway. I traveled by local bus to Chizzen Itza (sp?) and Uxmal and on to Isla Mujeres via a local ferry. I had a wonderful time on the small island, except for a local who flashed his private parts at me.... I made friends with Mexican students and sailed with them to Cozumel. Cancun was a mere sand bar then. I went on to Mexico City and explored the archeological Museum, the impressive ruins and the Gardens of Zocchimilco (sp). I saw a performance at the Mexico City Opera house with its Tiffany Curtain. I took the train to Guanajuato, Lake Patzcuaro and San Mlguel Allende and up through the Copper Canyon. I returned to Mexico City to meet up with a girlfriend and together we traveled to Tasco (where we both were robbed of a skirt and a blouse by the help of the hotel). We went on to visit Accapulco and its beautiful beaches, watched its great divers, and enjoyed its colorful markets. Sexual harassment was a problem back then. It was difficult to get rid of Mexican boys. Nontheless, I have wonderful and fond memories of this trip to Mexico and wouldn't have missed it for anything in the world.
I have not been back to Mexico in recent times. My husband won't go there no matter how hard I try to entice him.
I reported on the news cast I saw a few days ago where they talked about crime and murders being rampant, specifically in Accapulco. The news cast actually showed bodies on the street, and the locals of Accapulco were deploring the fact, that because of these crimes Tourism was way down.
I am sure, Mexico is doing everything to make sure, crime be kept under control in the tourist areas.
On the other hand, it does not hurt to be prudent and avoid areas where there is unrest and crime is bad.