My boyfriend and I can spend hours perusing the spots on LL and we have a few spots selected for our next couple's getwaway.

But next month we'd like to getaway with my 12 year old daughter. She may bring a friend but that is up in the air so I want to be sure we pick a town and hotel that will provide her with excitement and the opportunity to meet other kids her age while we want to just relax on a beach.

We are looking to go somewhere that we can get to quickly (prefereably non-stop) from PHX, which seems to limit us to Puerto Vallarta, Cabo or Cancun. We are willing to travel from those airports but simply don't want to spend an entire day traveling.

We have never done an all-inclusive but would consider it if we could find one with a private master bedroom. Most I have found seem to just be hotel rooms with one king or two double beds. That does not interest us at all.

We are open to any suggestions, including LL offers.