My husband and I traveled to Mexico in may 2009 during the big swine flu scare. We decided that we were not going to cancel this trip for anything. We really needed a vacation since we had not traveled since 2005 and no little "bug" was going to stop us. We were glad we went - so many people canceled their trips that we felt like we had the whole area we visited to ourselves - hardly a tourist in sight! We went to Merida, Uxmal, Progresso and Campeche. Merida is a big city but is very clean and beautiful - we only had 2 days in Merida but could have stayed longer since there is much to do. We stayed at the Lodge at Uxmal for 5 nights - one of the Mayaland Resort group hotels - LL really should try to get these properties for auction - the lodge is a beautiful place and the entrance to the Uxmal Mayan ruins is right outside your front door - the property is set up in bungalow style - 2 floors to each bungalow with 4 suites to a floor - large sliding doors to the deck - it was amazing to sit there in the evening and hear all of the birds. Most of the time we were the only guests since there were many cancellations due to the swine flu - every where we went, folks told us they were glad we came and treated us like royalty. The ruins of Uxmal are amazing and much better than Chichen Itza. We also went further south to the Edzna ruin site near Campeche - also amazing - right in the jungle - the day we went we were the only people there - a very unique experience! Campeche is a wonderful city, right on the Gulf of Mexico and worth the visit. We rented a car and drove to many little villages and off the beaten track ruin sites that get very few foreign visitors. All in all a great experience.

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