Meson Sacristia De Capuchinas: "Taste of Old Mexico"

We totally enjoyed our six night LuxuryLink vacation and cooking class package at Sacristia de Capuchinas in Puebla, Mexico . However, this is not a package for those seeking indulgent luxury at a 5 Star beach side resort! There are no ocean.just a lovely little city in a beautiful valley surrounded by volcanic mountains.

The luxury in this holiday package comes from the opportunities to experience the art, the history and the tastes of Colonial Mexico!

The owners of Meson Sacristies De Capuchins have taken meticulous care in restoring this 350 year old private residence (now offering six suites), tastefully furnished and appointed with antiques (many of which are discretely marked available for purchase). Note: There is no central A/C system.only small mobile and not terribly effect air conditioning unitsso choose your travel seasons wisely! We were comfortable during our entire stay.

When the antique exterior doors to the street are closed, you are ushered into a pampered world of indulgences. The staff takes great effort to anticipate and accommodate your needs and desires.

For five mornings, the Executive Chef, Alonso, artfully instructed us in multi course cooking classes (we took great care in our food preparation, since the dishes were served to as lunch each day). As we are vegetarians, Chef Alonso, restructed his normal menus and included only dishes we could cook and eat!Mariana, another staff member, was always on hand to handle all of the English translation, just to ensure we understood the written instructions and cooked everything correctly. Victor was our waiter and trustybar man and frequently demonstrated his creativity and magic touches with tequila.

Chef Alonso also escorted us to the central market one morning. He introduced us to his favorite organic farmersand assisted us in shopping and selecting fresh produce for one of our cooking classes later in the day.

Puebla exudesColonial history and art treasures.The historicdistrict of the cityis Atreasure of lovely restored buildings andoffers numerous opportunitesfor exploritive daily walks. One afternoon we were treated to a walking tour of the central historic district, conducted by Carlos Rivos [an excellent English speaking guide available through the hotel]. Our package included admission to the Mueso Amparo..a recently renovated historic buildingwhich housesan impressive private pre-Columbian exhibition.

Evenings are relaxing andpleasant and can be spent sitting outside at various cafes surround the main square or exploring the art studios located in the back streets.

If you are fortunate to visit Puebla, make the effort to stay several nights at Sacristia Capuchinas and their sister property, Sacristia de la Compania. The food is authentic and service is delightful.

We hated to leave our new "amigos" but look forward to an extended return visit in the near future.

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