I was excited to see that LL has added this property. It's beautiful and I would highly recommend it for a romantic gettaway or a relaxing weekend with friends.

Location: The property is located in the Corridor, which is about half an hour away from the airport and is located between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. It's all pretty convenient. Fiesta Americana is located on a very private beach. There are lots of waves, though there are also many rocks.

Rent a car/Taxi: I do recommend renting a car if you are going to be in the area for any amount of time. Taxis are available in all tourist locations and are convenient from the hotel. However, they are not cheap. They like to charge around $20 each way. I'm not exactly sure how much they charge from the airport anymore, but it's not particularly cheap. In other words, if you have plans of taking at least 1 round trip cab per day and then making it back and forth to the airport, you are probably nearly equivalent to the price of renting a car. I think many of the major US Car rental agencies rent near the airport. Be aware, however, you are in Latin America. It's a bit more chill in culture. If you have a really early morning flight (which many of the flights are), there is a high possibility that the car agency opens late. I would check in first, then go back and hang out with a coffee while they open the doors. You will not miss your flight no matter how close it feels like they are cutting it.

What's the property like: Fiesta Americana is located on the side of a hill with desert terrain next to the ocean. You actually drive up to the 4th story of the building and the beach level is 4 floors down. The Staff will take you to and from your room via golf carts. The landscaping is meticulous with well placed grass and palm trees surrounding the pools. You actually don't realize how much care was taken into the making sure the foliage was adequate around property until you visit another property in the area. If I remember correctly there are 3 pools a few of which are infinity pools that look out on the the ocean and well placed jacuzzi's. They -of course - have the most necessary type of pool in Mexico - the one that opens to a bar. It is always wonderfully relaxing to sit submerged on a bar stool while you drink a wonderful umbrella drink! Just make sure to put on plenty of sun block as I always notice many a drunken guest forget after a few pina coladas.

There is a large fire pit with cushioned seating near the beach, which they light in the evenings. They do play music around the pit and it can be social. However, it is a very large pit and there are plenty of places where one can enjoy the fire without being social. They often - on clearn nights - have a telescope set up and an astronomer that will come by and show guests the stars.

Food: I noticed that some of the packages come with meals at the resort. The food is quite wonderful and the views are amazing; particularly, the restaurants face the South and one can watch the sun set while dining. For those that are on more a budget, you can get a list of recommended restaurants from the Concierge. I've never had them recommend anything that was bad. If you are there during high season, a reservation would be recommended. You can also venture out in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose and find a wonderful spot. To the extent that you decide on a very small local restaurant, you do want to be careful. It's Mexico and not all the water is drinkable to the sensitive American/European stomach. This includes water used in soup as someone in our party realized too late.

The Spa:
It's nice but not amazing. The work out room is functional, but I wouldn't rave about it. The treadmills do face the water, which is nice.

What to buy: The typical arts and crafts of Mexico are also available in Cabo. You can find beautiful wood carvings, colorful pottery, soft ponchos and blankets. My favorite however is the silverware. There are many shops that sell all types of silver jewelry and related gives for men and women.

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