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I heard on the news this morning that the US State Dept. has issued a big warning on Peru - telling folks that there is a very high risk of Americans being kidnapped in the Machu Pichu area. They have told all state dept. employees not to visit that area.

Peru has not had a big warning issued for a very long time - wonder if the Shining Path has been reactivated!
This appears to be an overreaction on the part of the US State Dept. as well as an understandably protective parent concerned about the welfare of a child (OK, young adult). Of course, the exploitive news media outlets are always searching for misfortune and misery.

So a 'perfect storm' turns out to be nothing at all.

Peru continues to hold interest to us and will probably be a destination we return to later this year....maybe the 'high risk averse' tourists will remain safely at home and allow some extra space for our further