Honduras may offer one of the best travel values available for travelers from North American and Western Europe. The country is largely unexplored and visitedby upscale adventurers, other than scuba divers to Roatan(most visitors are still backpackers). With an exchange rate of roughly 20 Honduran Lempira to $1.00 US, even top restaurants in San Pedro Sula, entry city for exploration of Mayan ruins such as Copan,Tegucigalpa, the capital and La Ceiba, the jump-off for diving in Roatan, charge as little as $10.00 US for full meals. The US Dollar and the Euro are freely accepted in the larger cities, while the Lempira is preferred in rural and remote areas. Pico Bonito www.picobonito.com, a former Luxury Link auction destination, (check www.tripadvisor.com for reviews of this property) offers some of the most pristine jungle and rainforest experiences in Central America.