When we got married (back in the 1980s) we went on a cruise a couple of months after the wedding on the old Sitmar cruise line - nice ships and what a ship is supposed to be - teak railings and decks, ample open decks with wooden lounge chairs, no rock climbing walls, no ice skating rinks, no extra charge trendy restaurants - just a beautiful traditional ship! It was so nice.

Another time we went on a smallish ship from Philly to Bermuda (can't remember the line) and passed through the tail end of a hurricane - the hubby and I were the only passengers that were not sick - we went to the dining room and were the only ones in there - had lots of food and waiters all to ourselves. Even a good bit of the crew were sea sick - we would walk the ahlls and hear folks getting sick in their rooms and there were sea sick bags hanging all over the place. The captain was so impressed that we were such good sailors, that we got free drinks, invites to eat with the captain and hotel manager for the rest of the cruise, front row seats for every show and I even won $600 in the casino - now that was a cruise!