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Maybe this is common knowledge, but it was news to me and I thought it could be useful information. As an individual annual member of the National Trust you can get free parking and admission to over 300 different properties. It's only about 62 US. for an individual and an additional 42 US for another person added. I thought this could be very convenient and cost effective when touring the UK.



Membership benefitsFREE entry and parking at more than 300 historic houses and gardens.FREE parking at our countryside and coastline locations.Your Members Handbook the complete guide to all of the places you can visit.Regional Newsletters packed with details of special events at locations near you.Three editions of our magazine, featuring news, views, gardening and letters, exclusively for members.Information about Centres and Associations in your area.
I stumbled across this reading a story about a woman that bought her brother lifetime memberships as a wedding gift. I'd like the guide alone, it would be interesting.

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