A few months ago we wrote about hotels that accept pets. Here is an updated list:

1. Combsberry in Maryland. This property is on LL auctions. They accept most pets. The property is a bed and breakfast located near the Chesapeake. They have a lot of room for puppies to run. The owners actually have dogs themselves and seemed so excited to have other "visitors." The unit on auction is a stand alone "cottage" with fireplace. Looks lovely!

2. Fairmont Hotel Washington DC. New find for me. This is offered under "A la carte" options on LL. They accept pets with no additional fee!! I called and asked what type of room option we had with a beautiful 18 lb. Scottish terrier....they said we had any choice we wanted. The chef even makes biscuits. Check it out at http://www.fairmont.com/washington/H...ADogsWorld.htm. I love it! (plus part of your room rate is donated to their local humane league!)

If anyone wants to add more especially East Coast properties and Luxury link offerings please share!!!