Just a head's up...On Saturday, Iflew back into the USA via Los Angeles (LAX) and had to go through immigration/customs in the Tom Bradley International Terminal. THEY ARE UNDER CONSTRUCTION and it is a royal pain right now. Half of the terminal is closed down, lines are extremely long for immigration, waiting to pick up your baggage to go through Customs takes for ever, and then the final insult is that once through Customs, you must stand in a wickedly long line to give your luggage back to the airlines. This whole process took over 1 1/2 hours... and then, if you are catching a domestic flight for your second leg of the journey, you are forced outside of the terminal to find your connecting airline and then back through security and onto the gates.

If I had not cornered an airline employee while standing in the long line to hand over our baggage after going through customs, we would never have made our flight (She grabbed us and we bypassed at least 50 people in line). As is, after running to the next terminal, we were one of the very last on the plane... but then the flight was delayed by 30 minutes waiting for 60 bags from the international terminal to make it onto our flight (I only had one of these bags!)

So make sure you have plenty of time between the connections (minimum 2 hours) if entering the USA via Los Angeles (LAX). I don't know how long it will take for them to be up and running smoothly, but it looked like there was still a lot left undone.