I unearthed some short term travel deals that might be of interest to you.

London to New York and Dubai
Silverjet - Flexible round-trip fares in all business class flights for 879 Pounsa or $1730.00. Book by Jan. 31. www.silverjet.com

London to Cape Town or Johannesburg
South African Airwayus. Round trip for 479 Pounds, inlcuding taxes. Book by Jan. 22 for departure from May 1 to June 30. www.trailfinders.com

Sidney to London, Royakl Brunei. Roundtrip for 1512 Australian Dollars (about US $ 1330.00), plus 533 Australian dollars in tax. Book by Jan. 30 for travel between April 1 and Nov. 30. www.travel.com.au

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