I purchased the Quinta Las Acacias package from Luxury Link and vacationed with my family there in March. The current package includes a cooking class for two instead of a full day tour of Guanajuato. I highly recommend this package and it's an absolute bargain at the current auction price. In fact, the auction price would cover two nights lodging even though the package includes five nights, the cooking class, a dinner for two with wine, and a bottle of wine and fruit basket on check in. The entire city of Guanajuato is a Unesco World Heritage site. There were two rivers that ran through canals under the city. Several years ago, the rivers were diverted and the canals were turned into tunnels. Since then, the city has built twenty more tunnels that go under the city. A unique aspect of the Guanajuato is the minerality of the soil. If people died and the families weren't able to pay for upkeep of the grave, the bodies were exhumed. Authorities were astonished to find that after only five years, the bodies were mummified. This is due to the mineral composition of the soil as well as the hot, dry climate. Guanajuato has one of the few mummy museums in the world and at any given time there are around one hundred mummies that the public can view. Some or wearing mummified clothing, but most are naked. It's an unusual and unique museum. The central market is huge and a great place for shopping for locally made goods and delicious food. The architecture in Guanajuato is beautiful and tourists can get a great view of the entire city from an overlook above the city.

If anybody is interested in more information about Guanajuato, please don't hesitate to contact me. We were there for five days and got a good feel for the city.