My family of four flew down to San Diego last weekend and we decided to save some money by purchasing a rolling carry-on suitcase for each of us instead of checking our bags. We took advantage of a great Labor Day sale at a local Bass Shoe outlet and purchased high quality suitcases for less than half price. Alaska Air charges $15 for checked items, so instead of spending $30 to check two bags each way, for a total of $60, we spent nothing to carry our bags onto the plane. By saving $60 each time we fly, we will recoup the cost of the four suitcases in a mere four trips. In addition, instead of the four of us sharing two large suitcases, each of us is limited to the capacity of our personal suitcases when we are packing, so more thought is put into what we're bringing. Of course, this is more difficult for my wife and daughter than my son and I because they are restricted in the amount of makeup, lotions, hair care products, hair dryers, etc. that they might normally bring on a trip. The only downside is that we are no longer able to pack containers of liquids with more than three ounces, but that's not a major problem. If you can travel light, I highly recommend purchasing a small carry-on bag or suitcase.