You don't say when you want this honeymoon to take place, which is the single most important factor in choosing a place. A number of the hotels suggested do not have air conditioning. So, you clearly don't want to go there in summer or even late spring--or at least I would guess you wouldn't. Really relevant suggestions would require more info. What do you like to do? How important are clubs and outside activities? How important is food? (The truth is that most food in the Caribbean on non-French islands is so-so.)Are you a curious person--do you want to feel that you are in a slightly different culture? Or do you want luxury, insulation from the outside world, and all the services that (hopefully) come with top dollar spending. Do you need to know what the bill will be before you go? If yes, that may mandate an all-inclusive.It may be that commenting on other suggestions is verboten, butt I have to say that Sandy Lane seems, well, unrealistic. Very, very expensive. Snobbish, and unrelenting in its sense of social strata.

Any way, bearing in mind what we don't know, here are some places that would appeal to me for my honeymoon. Cap J on Anguilla; any one of several places on St, Barts; a one-bedroom suite at The Palms or Point Grace on Turks and Caicos; Las Alamandas in Mexico-- yes, its on the Pacific coast, but a very special place; Montpelier Plantation on Nevis--has lots more character than the Four Seasons.

And--remember, I don't know what you like--my top choice: the MeMeridian Club in the Turks & Caicos. On its own islet, amazing beach, simple good food. A skilled bartender. No tv. No phones. (There is one phone booth famously near the tennis court.) Twelves cottages. No a/c. Very pleasant, often intelligent guests who will , I believe, be completely disinterested in your honeymoon status. Nothing to do but snorkel, swim, kayak. fish. Nothing to distract you from each other, except wondrous gifts from Nature: sun, sky, sea Because there is no a/c, I would urge you to go in the high (winter) season. As for cost., not bad, particularly when compared with all the luxo resorts that more readily come to mind.