I am trying to go to Sydney in January, retuning from Melbourne using miles for Business Class. I have to arrive in Sydney on the 16th early morning in order to meet up with a group who are going on to Cairns at 9:00 AM. The point of this whole trip is to get to the 2008 Australian Open. All of that is pretty irrevalent to the problem but I htought I would give you background. The issue is I have half the miles needed at United who has a flight that will get me there when I need to go, and the other half in American Express miles. AMERICAN EXPRESS will not release my miles to United (no contract) and and I have half the needed there, 100,000, and United's program will only let me buy 50,000 PER YEAR!!!!!! Of course I will fly any airline but no one will combine the miles. If you have any ideas or a SOLUTION I would be forever grateful!!