I found this interesting article on SmartTravel.com "Paying for Wi-Fi access is a traveler's pet peeve, especially when stuck in an airport on an infinite layover. Never be left analog again: This handy Lifehacker article, "The Definitive Guide to Finding Free Wi-Fi," rounds up a number of ways to locate a hot spot free of charge. (Caveat emptor: Some are of questionable legality.) Our favorite (above-board) tip is to download a program such as NetStumbler, which goes above and beyond your computer's built-in Wi-Fi detector by locating "hidden" Wi-Fi networks your PC might have missed. If you're on a Bluetooth-enabled Mac, iStumbler will provide the same service. Smartphone users can get apps like JiWire's Free Wi-Fi Finder, whose directory tracks the exact location of nearly 150,000 free networks worldwide.

If all else fails, find the inevitable Starbucks. Many locations offer free Wi-Fi (and you can usually perch right outside the entrance and secure a connection)."