I've been checking out all the new properties.

I was thinking about suggesting this property and walla, there it is a new package. This is an unbelievable price with all the extras and including tax/gratuities this is about 30% to 40% off. I've been here for weddings, it is a absolutely gorgeous and the food is excellent.

My favorite restaurant in the world is Blue Hill in Pocantico Hills, NY and it is just down the road from The Castle in Tarrytown, NY. The food is unbelievable and mainly it's because the ingredients are mostly grown at the Rockefeller estate. I grew up a couple towns away in Chappaqua, NY. I had a friend that worked there in the summer gardening when he was home from university. I never tasted strawberries like that before or again. Amazing...Since then I've dined at Blue Hill and the food is to die for. I now live over an hour away, so it's only for a special occasion that I'd go that far for a meal.

One could go antiquing or hiking and never leave the Tarrytown vicinity. But, I'd go to the Hudson River Museum, in Yonkers, at least on the way home. There are numerous historical sites, but the best known are Sunny Side, Washington Irving's estate, Lyndhurst and Sleepy Hollow has a small museum.

This is a perfect getaway from the city, it's only a half hour away. rent a car and head north on route 9.