I've never been up this way and I only live a few hours from here on the NY side. I must get up there, it sounds beautiful. I wonder what the festivities will be for 2009? Anyone hear about this commemoration?


Lake Champlain, Burlington Vermont

"With all of the biking and jogging and dining going on, it is sometimes easy to forget that there is an entire lake out there 120 miles long and 12 miles wide waiting to be explored.

Those who dont own boats can, in season, rent them; aside from the small sailboats and kayaks rented at the Community Sailing Center (www.communitysailingcenter.org), several small-boat rental locations dot the lake shore. The 400-passenger Spirit of Ethan Allen III (www.soea.com) offers daily cruises and, in spring of 2008, a newcomer, the Moonlight Lady (www.vermontmoonlightlady.com), will offer two-to-seven-day cruises, the first ship to do so since 1952, according to its owner Mike Shea.

The Lake Champlain Transportation Company (www.ferries.com) operates ferries to the New York side of the lake and back year-round, but the boat running between Burlington and Port Kent, N.Y., stops running in October.

Scuba divers can, in season, explore shipwrecks, marked with buoys that are part of the Lake Champlain Underwater Historic Preserve. The maritime museum has teamed with a local operator to offer shipwreck tours via a remotely operated vehicle (R.O.V.) from a boat on the lakes surface, one of only three commercially operated R.O.V. tours in the world, according to Rachael Miller, co-owner of Lake Champlain Shipwrecks (www.shipwrecktour.com).

Visitors can expect waterfront activity to increase dramatically by 2009, when Vermont along with the state of New York and the province of Quebec commemorate the 400th anniversary of Samuel de Champlains first visit to the region.

Mr. Cohn says the citys waterfront renaissance enriches both citizens and visitors. When you discover your waterfront, you discover more than views. You discover your history, he said."

LL has quite a few properties in Vermont and a few are close to Burlington too.