Last year we won a week on the Cezanne and traveled from Rouen to Honfleur to Paris (then spent an additional 4 days in Paris). It was a delightful trip.

Onboard: Fellow passengers were mostly German. Staff was primarily multi-lingual but servers spoke very little English. Staff was amazingly compliant, courteous, caring and professional. We were 'reimbursed' for cab fare (100 Euros) because the brochure we had indicated that we would dock in Honfluer but instead docked across the river in Le Harve. That was nice.

It was cute and confusing to stumble through my high school German onboard and be immersed in Francais once we were on shore.

The beds were terrible. I have 'back issues' so I am hard to please but we both thought the beds were well below the quality of everything else. The European custom of having almost all twin beds also dismayed us. We took a lower deck cabin just so we could sleep together.

We took several tours provided by the cruise company and they were good but we ended up having better times on the tours we did ourselves.

Staff: ***** five star, couldn't be better

Dining: **** four star - could be a little better, our American tastes were hard to please at breakfast where fish andpickled meats were in abundance. The Germans raved over breakfast though.

Excursions: **** four star - could be a little better for the Rouen tour. The Monet tour was 5 *. The Versailles (sp?) tour 4*.

Cabins: ** two star - small to the point of cramped, a place to sleep only. Beds were well below our standards.

Destinatons: ***** five star - I don't know that we would have ever visited the tiny towns or remote castles that lined the Seine. Honfluer was a total delight and someplace we had never even heard of, it was full of French tourists.

Total Experience: ****1/2 four 1/2 stars. The minor food acclimations were nothing, so what if some excursions were 'not worth it', the staff was so very nice they would have more than compensated for other shortcomings. The beds were inexcusable however and really detracted from our enjoyment.

I recommend this line highly, if they change the bedding. We really only slept well when we checked into the Paris Hilton for the next four nights.