Denmark in October

Night of Culture 2008 - October 10th in Denmark
Cultural offers in several of the major towns in Denmark will be available to the public from 6pm to 12 pm. An exciting evening of cultural exploration to visit some of the buildings and institutions which are normally not open to the public. The programe includes all the major museums and exhibition halls, churches, libraries, schools, organizations, and a great number of venues which are normally not open to the public. But also public spaces are transformed into stages for musical performance, poetry reading, art exhibitions and more. Access is obtained with a Night of Culture badge which gives free admission to events and free public transport within the city centre. Children under the age of 12 enter for free. Badge and programe are available at the participating museums, libraries, tourist offices, and at train stations. Participating towns are: Copenhagen, rhus, Aalborg, Horsens, Esbjerg and Frederiksvr.