If you're planning on a trip to Switzerland or Austria this summer, you may want to consider a side tour to the tiny (about 15 miles long from north to south and about 5 miles wide) mountainous principality cornered by the two larger countries. August 15 is National Day in this largely German-speaking stretch of the Alps. After an open-air mass held in the centre of Vaduz, the capital city, the whole population of about 34,000 people, as well as any visitors, are invited to a huge reception at the ruling Prince's castle, followed by a fantastic fireworks display at night! The principality is a world banking centre that rivals the Swiss, as well as a manufacturer of high-tech electronic components. But for travellers, the principal attractions are the fantastic mountains where a number of luxurious ski resorts are located. In summer, the historic cities, towns and quaint villagesare magnets that draw visitors.