I'm struggling to decide between two LL packages for my late March long weekend break (over Easter, hence the choice of non-Christian countries where things will be open). Option 1 is three nights at the A'jia in Istanbul, adding on 2 nights at the Four Seasons in Sultanhmet. It looks intriguing but I've read some things about the A'jia (namely that it's noisy and far from everything) which make me a bit concerned,

Option 2 is the Riad Kniza in Marrakesh. This package is for 4 nights and includes more extras so it would be less expensive than the Istanbul option. However, the suite I'm interested in is already taken (Ambar) and the only one available is Kenza which is not my first choice, and I'm also wondering exactly what I'd do with 4 nights in Marrakesh, other than see the few sights and shop (I loathe haggling and I'm complete rubbish at it, so the shopping bit is not that appealing unless there are ways to avoid haggling).

Has anyone here been to both properties, or to both cities? What would you recommend?