Experience the magic of the mountain
Alpspitze mountain truly deserves the rating, "Jewel of Werdenfelser Land". Encounter one of the most beautiful and remarkable rock formations of the northern Alps on the Alpspitze Roundtrip.

The Alpspitze Roundtrip is especially well suited for mountain guests with less alpine experience, families with children and senior citizens. The Alpspitze cable car to Osterfelderkopf (2,050 meters/6,726 feet) is the starting point for the Roundtrip. The view of the mighty Waxenstein twin peaks, the huge Alpspitze north face along with the view deep down into the wild Hllentalklamm gorge already make the train ride an unforgettable mountain experience. The Osterfelderkopf presents itself as the hub of gorgeous hiking trails.

The Roundtrip continues with a ride down to 1,700 meters (5,577 feet) in the Hochalm cable car. The idyllic hike down into the valley via the Alm terraces in less than an hour is an attractive alternative. The hike starts at Hochalm and goes down to the Kreuzeck mountain station on well-maintained trails in 30 minutes. While walking down, you can enjoy views of the massive chains of cliffs with well-known peaks like Dreitorspitze, Musterstein and Wetterstein.

The hikeable section of the Alpspitze Roundtrip ends at the Kreuzeck mountain station. During the ride down, the Alpspitze pyramid reaches proudly into the sky as if bidding farewell to the Roundtrip guests. Back at the Kreuzeck valley station, CafBar Kandahar invites guests to a refreshing stop before they return to the center of Garmisch-Partenkirchen on the cogwheel train that runs at hourly intervals.

The Alpspitze area is also very popular among alpineers as shown in the pictures below. An unbelievable world of high-alpine tours, protected climbing routes and climbing gardens unveils itself when you get off at the Alpspitze mountain station.

The Alpspitze area offers the full spectrum of alpine climbing: Alpine challenges of all difficulties, Wetterstein limestone with a good grip and views from dizzy heights. And what's best: With Bayerische Zugspitzbahn, it's only a short ascent of 15 minutes to the heads of the alpine climbing routes from the Alpspitze mountain station.

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