Breathtaking views at the base of Alpspitze mountain

A new alpine attraction

"At July 4th, 2010, this new alpine attraction will finally ensure a multitude of gaping and radiant guests who will be able to enjoy an exceptional and unforgettable mountain adventure as a result", says Peter Huber, Member of the Board Responsible for Technical Maters at Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG.

The AlpspiX with its two platforms in the shape of an 'X' protruding more than 13 meters (43 feet) hovers over an abyss at the base of the Alpspitze mountain. The structure's exceptional architecture makes for awesome views, with one platform slanting toward "heaven" and the other element descending toward the valley of "hell", the Hllental.

The grid path of up to three meters (10 feet) on the two platforms alone suffices to get the adrenaline flowing. At the end of the structure, a glass wall offers a unique view of the rugged alpine panorama in the direction of Zugspitze and a spectacular view deep down to 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) below.
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