"Eros in der Kunst der Moderne" is the theme at the Vienna BA-CA Kunstforum. Picasso said it in a nutshell: art is "never chaste." The encounter with love, passion and desire has provided, and still provides, a constant source of inspiration for artists. The exhibition focuses on ERos in 200 works created by artists since the end of the 19th century. More than a description of the human body and the act of love, the works try to address the concepts of temptation, desire, fantasy and the subconscious. On dispaly are works by Manet, Toulouse-Letrec and Rodin; erotic pictures by Klimpt and Schiele; Surrealist works by Dali and Max Ernst; and realist nudes by Lucian Freud as well as more recent works by Louise Bourgeois and Tom Wesselman. www.ba-ca-kunstforum.at