An outbreak of Enterohemorrhagic E. Coli, also known as resistant E.Coli bacteria, is spreading in Germany and Europe.

Currently, Germany is experiencing, according to Robert-Koch-Institute of the strongest ever recorded outbreak of EHEC. There were so many patients per week as usual in a year. Two thirds of those people are women. In the latest outbreak at least two women died of evidence by the pathogen. In other cases it is suspected that EHEC is the cause of death. Furthermore, the disease left kidney damage.

According to the news agency dpa until Wednesday evening more than 600 cases were registered, of which, however, not all confirmed - the day before it was still about 460th The number of very serious course of disease is bloody diarrhea and kidney damage, according to RKI risen to at least 214th By Wednesday, 140 serious cases were known.

The focus of the infection is located in Northern Germany. Most affected are currently in Hamburg. For the city-state, Schleswig-Holstein, the authorities reported together more than 400 diseases and suspected cases.

Other countries affected

Meanwhile, are also reported from neighboring countries, first EHEC infections. Thus confirming the Swedish health authorities more than one disorder without mentioning exact figures. The persons concerned had been infected while traveling to Germany. In Denmark, the UK and the Netherlands, the European Union's first people are infected, some of them had already been proven conclusively that it constitutes the pathogen from Germany. The EU now wants Europe-wide call out the alarm level 1. This means that all member countries are encouraged to take steps to protect their populations.