"Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well." These immortal words penned by William Shakespeare almost 500 years ago, will again echo along the ramparts and over the lonely moors outsideKronborg Castle in Denmark. Located in Elsinore, at the seaward approach to The Sound resund, it is one of northern Europe's most important Renaissance castles. Known all over the world from Shakespeare's Hamlet, it is also the most famous castle in Denmark and is visited each year by about 200,000 Danes and tourists
From September 25 through 30, fans of The Bard will gather in Fiddersalen, when Swedish director, author and playwright Lars Noren presents six performances of the classic tale of madness, murder and mayhem this fall.

A Hamlet more pivotal to the cultural identity of Elsinore could hardly be imagined. The cocktail? Shakespeares most famous and violent drama; Lars Norns luminous and distinct dramatic style; and an artistic clash between Denmark and Sweden all of this presented in Kronborg Castles authentic setting.

The role of the Danish prince is performed by David Dencik, seen, among other things, in the movie En Soap (A Soap), leading to him being nominated for a Bodil award for Best male leading character. Furthermore, David Dencik was named Shooting Star of the year at the Berlin Film Festival in February.

For details on this unique event, go to http://www.hamletsommer.dk