Le Salon du Chocolat
An annual festival in celebration of chocolate is a dream come true for chocoholics, and the large convention centre beneath the Louvre hosts just that. There are tastings and chefs demonstrations at a huge variety of international chocolatiers stands; opportunities to sample and buy goodies such as truffles, chocolate-dipped fruit kebabs, hot chocolate and cakes; as well as chocolate fashion, sculpture and art. Exhibitions include the history of chocolate, books on chocolate and desserts, and an antique collection of 'teapots' used exclusively for hot chocolate. A Chocoland for children entertains with chocolate makeup and other delicious activities. For more information contact the organisers on +33 (0)1 4503 2126 or email [email protected]

Venue: Metropolitan Pavillion & Altman Building
Date: 29 October to 2 November 2008
Time: 10am to 8pm
Website: [url="http://www.chocoland.com/"]www.chocoland.com[/email]