Some of Europes most luxurious and spectacular hotels have been created within the ruins of ancient castles, palaces, monasteries and convents in Spain. Known as PARADORS, these majestic hotels offer visitors romantic, atmospheric and luxurious lodging.

Built within the restored walls of magnificent castles and stately palaces, paradors provide travelers a unique taste of history. Crenellated towers, soaring archways, massive battlements, sumptuous throne rooms and breathtaking views are de rigeur for these exceptional lodges.

All paradors are not created equal. Some are more luxurious than others. Some are modern rather than reconstructed, situated to take advantage of fabulous, one-of-a-kind views. Some are nestled within a labyrinthine old town. Some sit on splendid countryside estates. Others cling to cliffs, sit on hilltops or along white beaches. Each is a exclusive experience unto itself.

There are 90 or so paradors scattered throughout Spain. About half of them are modern and the other half are built in restored historic buildings. Every parador, however, has an excellent restaurant that focuses on the local gastronomy. Each restaurant provides a grand architectural and fine dining experience. Award-winning regional chefs craft meals that draw on local produce, fowl, fish and game.