KOEKELBERG BASILICA -- To March 15: "Leonardo da Vinci: The European Genius." The ambitious exhibition focuses on Leonardo (1452-1515) as the epitome of the European Renaissance man: artist, inventive engineer and humanist, as exemplified by a few paintings, codices and replicas of his machines. Of note, a portrait of Mary Magdalene painted on wood that was only recently attributed to the artist. --

MUSE DU CINQUANTENAIRE -- To April 27: "De Gilgamesh Znobie: Arts Anciens du Proche-Orient et de l'Iran." A selection of artworks from the museum's vast collection of art from the Middle East and Iran, a region that has been in turmoil for decades. The Louvre has loaned a dozen additional works. They document the oft-forgotten contributions of the Middle Eastern cultures to human civilization in various fields: writing, counting, economics, and aesthetic rules. Bronzes from Luristan, cylinder-seals, Sumerian sculptures, cuneiform tablets, weapons and other silver artifacts are in the show. --

MUSES ROYAUX DES BEAUX-ARTS -- To March 30: "Alechinsky from A to Y." With the collaboration of the Cobra artist (b. 1927), the museum has been assembling a selection of his paintings, drawings, engravings and book illustrations that document his method of developing images through transformation and mutation, and the diversity of his technique: painting, drawings and "infeuilletables" (books made of stone or porcelain). In the mid-1960s, Alechinsky adopted what has become his trademark: a central subject surrounded by predellas. -- i

PALAIS DES BEAUX-ARTS, BOZAR -- To May 18: "Trsors Anciens et Nouveaux de Wallonie: Ce Curieux Pays." An exhibition devoted to the arts of the French-speaking part of Belgium from the 12th to 16th centuries, before it was even called Wallony (the name appeared in the mid-19th century). Paintings, sculptures, tapestries and other artworks, mostly inspired by Christianity, are on show. The curator, using curiousness and curiosity as a thread, has added works by lesser-known contemporary artists: Orla Barry, Michel Franois, Angel Vergara and Juan Paparella, among others. --