Center of Trade between Orient and Occident

In 2012 Mittenwald (Bavaria - Germany) celebrates the 525 anniversary of the Bolzano market. During the week of festivities from the 4th until the 12th of August 2012, history will come alive. Market stalls, wine taverns, craftsmen and jugglers, merchants and noblemen, theater productions and musical performances will create the perfect ambiance.

It was the year 1487, when the market in Bolzano, the main transit point for goods from Italy and the Orient was moved from Bolzano to Mittenwald. A warlike dispute between the Republic of Venice and Archduke Sigmund of Tyrol were the reason for the change of location. After the fall of Constantinople and with the Venition being at the height of their economic prosperity they had chosen Bolzano to be their main centre of trade.
Due to several raids by the highly indebted Archduke a tense relationship between the two merchant cities of Bolzano and Venice arose within a short period of time. The Venitian merchants therefore sought a safer trade centre for their goods. The choice fell on Mittenwald, making it the first market on German soil north of the Tyrolean border. The transportation system by water and land was extremely well organized and efficient. Thus, Mittenwald became the main trade centre for goods and wares from the Levant region and the cities in the north. It also gained international recognition. The trade flourished in Mittenwald for nearly 200 years and brought wealth and prosperity to the town.