KOEKELBERG BASILICA -- To March 15: "Leonardo da Vinci: The European Genius." The ambitious exhibition focuses on Leonardo (1452-1515) as the epitome of the European Renaissance man: artist, inventive engineer and humanist, as exemplified by a few paintings, codices and replicas of his machines. Of note, a portrait of Mary Magdalene painted on wood that was only recently attributed to the artist. -- www.expo-davinci.eu
MUSEES ROYAUX DES BEAUX-ARTS -- To Jan. 27: "Rubens: L'Atelier du Gnie." The 60 works on loan from the Louvre, the Prado and the Met, among others, complement the museum's holdings of Rubens's works, painted either alone or in collaboration with Brueghel the Elder and Cornelis de Vos. They cover the Flemish painter's (1577-1640) most creative period after 1614 at his large workshop in Antwerp. -- www.fine-arts-museum.be -- To March 30: "Alechinsky from A to Y." b With the collaboration of the Cobra artist (b. 1927), the museum has been assembling a selection of his paintings, drawings, engravings and book illustrations that document his method of developing images through transformation and mutation, and the diversity of his technique: painting, drawings and "infeuilletables" (books made of stone or porcelain). In the mid-1960s, Alechinsky adopted what has become his trademark: a central subject surrounded by predellas. -- www.fine-arts-museum.be