I just got back from spending my honeymoon in Bermuda and used an auction I won for $1250 for five nights at the Waterloo. I am really surprised by some of the comments here. The package included cooked to order daily breakfast and 1 dinner at the restaurant which is one of the best in Bermuda. The food is incredible (both breakfast and dinner). Their outdoor seating is literally three stairs above the water in the Harbor.

We got a room that was harbor front with a huge balcony(room #10 - ask for it if available). If you look at this picture, then of the two you see in this picture ours was on the rightside of the photo(the larger of the two).


The views of Hamilton harborwere breathtaking. As far as service, not sure what else you need besides people cleaning the room daily(they were extremely friendly). The service at the restaurant was very good and certainly not slow. We didn't spend a great deal of time in the hotel during the day as we were either out exploring or at the beach.

However, for nightlife it is close to the Hamilton Princess whichhas a lively bar (great bartender) and a huge outdoor area that hosts a party open to anyone on Friday nights.You are right in Hamilton, so there are a lot of options there as well.

Bermuda is very expensive. The breakfasts for two people were worth over $60.00 per day based on the menu prices. The meal at the restaurant is probably worth closer to $200. I

Rack rates at the Waterloo are $500 per night.

You do have access to the Coral Beach Club includedwhich is adjacent to Elbow Beach on the prettiest beach in Bermuda. You don't have to pay for umbrellas or chairs and it is absolutely beautiful. You have access to showers, towels, a restaurant on top of a cliff, and tennis courts. It is very exclusive and totally included. White sand, crystal clear blue water, not too many people, etc....not sure that I have ever spent days at anywhere more beautiful and peaceful.

We rented scooters for the week which gives you access to the whole island ($192 for seven day rental per bike + gas). Coral Beach Club is about a 10 minute ride. The scooters allow you to explore the whole island and were really the highlight of the trip for us. We saw every inch of the island.

We switched hotels for our last three nights and visited every hotel on the island before we decided where to stay. Overall, the Southshore area was our favorite area, but rack rates usually start in the $500 range. We ended up staying at a place next to Elbow Beach for $440 per night and it was nothing special(one of the few places that had availability, Waterloo was a much better experience).

At some point, we will go back to Bermuda and we will definitely consider the Waterloo. I thought it was an incredible value at $1250 and certainly worth more compared to the prices at our other favorite hotels on the South Shore(Elbow Beach & Hamilton Princess(both cookie cutter hotels, but great overall facilities); and the Reefs). The drawback is the distance from the beaches, but with access to Coral Beach Club and scooters it is a non-issue in my opinion. Cab rides would be about $25 each way, but the buses run constantly and are easy to figure out.

I can't say enough good things about the Waterloo, especially at the rate I was able to secure through Luxury Link. I swore when coming back that I wasn't going to post how great of a deal I thought this was because I didn't want anyone else to figure it out. For $250 per night, it is a great value and I say that having seen almost every other option on the island.

If anyone has any questions, then feel free to ask.

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