Ok, we have been to several islands including Bahamas, St. Martin and Jamacia (several times) but no place compares to TCI. We stayed at The Sands at Grace Bay on Provolast summer for a week. It is condo style accomodations which is great because you may want to do a little cooking. Food is basically triple what we are used to paying in the Southeast.If you are a family traveler or just want to really get away, this is the place. We went in June, so it was not as crowded. The service could have been a little better but don't expect anywhere outside of the US to be in the same hurry we are. Our travel group consisted of myself, my husband, our two daughters, (19 and 15) and two of their friends. We did thesethings-read, sunbathed, snorkeled, rested, ate, andspent quality time with our family. Every water sport you want is there including world class diving. We also met another couple who we spent some time with, our daughters didn't really get bored even though there is not a lot to do at night.We would go to dinner, walk on the beach. If you want wild night life and crowds, this is not the place for you.There is one larger supermarket (the IGA) and a shuttle that takes you around (the Gecko), but renting a car is the best way to explore. It is safe to get out beyond your resort, so go, get to know the people. They are very warm and friendly.

There is much developing going onthere but I hope that the island keeps it'ssimple beauty and relaxed atmosphere. It is the only island I have been to that Iwould go back to each year.

PS- We also had professional photography taken of our family by Tropical Imaging on the beach and at the resort-they did a marvelous job. Great pics!