My wife and I spent 5 nights at the beginning of December at Jade Mountain. We booked a package on luxurylink, which afforded us a STAR (moon < star < sun) room. How fortunate for us that when we arrived we were upgraded to a SUN room, and quite possibly the nicest one on the property (JD1).

I will try not to repeat generalities from past reviews and get right to the review.

Pretty good. The room service menu is a little short, and the upstairs Jade Mountain Club (restaurant) menu rotates daily. The food itself tasted good, which it should for the prices (27 USD pp for breakfast, 50 USD pp for dinner). Twice while were were there somehow there was a problem with the computer system and we waited an extraordinary amount of time for our food. With a pregnant wife this is never a good thing... compensation of a comped breakfast is not adequate, however I am not sure what other options they have other than getting it right the first time (my preferred solution). Another time the dessert listed on the menu could not be served (apparently it was all still frozen... interesting side note: the restaurant manager that night was never seen again. Given his state of mind that night we don't think he works there anymore...)

Better than you can imagine. The pictures are nice, but until you've spent an afternoon in these sanctuaries you cannot properly comprehend how unique this experience is. Our sanctuary was almost completely private (there were areas that if we went right to the side we could see a sidewalk). Our pool was also amazing. Fairly big and over 5 ft deep with a smaller shallow area for entering, I spent a lot of time in the water! The pool too was 98% private, ie. only if you swim to a far edge might you see out of the room.

Seating for probably 15 was littered around our room affording us many different areas to lounge and relax. The bed was comfortable, we had no mosquitoes (probably due to time of year), and were visited daily by island birds, including a very cute hummingbird.

The bath tub was the best I've ever used. Huge, great view, amazing. In terms of the comments about the placing of the toilet, at least in our suite that was not an issue at all. There was more than adequate separation between the living areas and bathroom. The open air shower was also lovely, with a rain head nozzle as well as side jets and a detachable nozzle. Bath products (molten brown) were great as well.

Staff / Service:
Edmund, the manager, was excellent. Seion, food service manager was also very good. The girls in the office were also excellent. The only mediocre service we had was when we
lunched down at anse chastenet (with the exception of the food issues listed above).

I appreciated that the staff quickly learned our names and there was continuity --- ie. they knew what excursion we had planned and could ask about other elements of our stay (did you enjoy your massage mr xxx?).

JM has 2 computers in the office, most of our stay the internet wasn't working.

Massages were decent, but not top of the line. We didn't use the other spa facilities but they did not appear to be all that fantastic, certainly not 5 star.

Not cheap. Actually, I believe the rates are up a good deal for 2008 making JM less affordable. Even with our package (~65% of rack rates) we spent, not including flights, $5500 for 5 nights. Rack rate in 2008 it would be 10k+. The helicopter ride from the airport was 135$ pp --- not cheap but an interesting way to see the island.

The beach down at anse chastenet is mediocre, but this did not bother us --- our pool was more than sufficient.

Overall Experience:
Very good. The staff were attentive, food good enough, and rooms superb. I think the only question is whether or not JM is fantastic enough to pay the full rate for. There is continual work being done at JM, and my guess is that it will go on indefinitely --- the project is immense. However, while we occasionally heard some noise from the work it did not interfere with our stay.

The resort was gay friendly. We did see a few teens but mostly middle aged adults. We rarely heard other guests, and JM never felt busy. Our room was extremely private. One could never leave the room --- we only did so occasionally for a change of scenery.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or for photos / video.