I have been looking around on the Atlantis site, but I can't seem to follow it. Because of the way things are worded, I am getting contridictory messages. Or perhaps I am just incapable of comprehending plain English. Either way, I still can't find an answer to my question. I know it certain places at the Cove, there is access to wireless internet, but I need to know about wireless internet access in the rooms. Is there any? Also, before my family planned this trip, I promised my boyfriend that I would spend New Years Eve with him. In our relationship, promises are very very important so I am doing whatever I can to "spend" that night with him. We don't want to spend the whole time talking on the computer and we can't talk on the phone because that would be too expensive. An idea I had was spending the night talking to him over Xbox Live. I have the wireless adapter for it so theoretically, if there is wireless internet, I should be able to connect to it. Am I mistaken? Also,I read that some hotel TVs don't have the ability to connect to gaming systems and stuff. Is this true and does it apply at the Cove? Please, please, please help me. It is very important.