Hi mary-y,

Sorry, I didn't respond to your post to me earlier, I guess I missed it. Two things, no I did not get a private message from you, didn't seem to have worked. The function has been improved with the "Send Message" feature now visible, before it was white on white and no one could find where to click on to send the message. So try it again, and it should work.

On the question of first name basis, curtiejoe said it best, one does get to know the contributors and there is a certain feeling of friendship that one begins to feel. That said, however, it is not a good idea to use real names and reveal locations, other than perhaps country. There is a certain security issue there, malfaiteurs could track us right to our doorsteps... and we wouldn't want that. This knowledge of our names and locations came from what we had unwittingly put into our profile not realizing that other contributors would have access to our profiles. Since then, curtiejoe and I have amended our profiles and changed our signature on our posts, however, your login name cannot be changed unless you quit and start all over with a new login name, so we are stuck with that mary-j, our disneygal played it smart right from the start.