So, you're eyeing that LL package to wherever...
Don't have enough miles on your primary carrier for business seats?
Can't get there on mainline flights?

I just came across a real steal but it required some searching and reseraching.
I actually did have enough miles but I couldn't use the Delta for our destination so I checked and found out that Korean Air had coach RT from Seoul to Bangkok for 25K---OR---BIZ for 30K--yep--that's right--I got real, confirmed, ticketed SEATS (when you fly stsandby, this is a TREAT!!) 2 roundtrip for 60K miles!!! I was stunned. I had the horrible, tiny tiny, miniscule print chart for "other airlines awards" and kept looking at one column in particular--must be a TYPO--called Delta and NOPE. It was correct and I got the flights I wanted. Considering some partners may have ugly blackout dates, I felt very fortunate.
I do have to go standby from Atlanta to Asia, but it looks good for now!

So, in review, keep looking at those partners. Sometimes getting a well-priced partial ticket is good, then supplementing it with mileage award travel. If you don't want to do all that digging around, let the TA's who specialize in that do it for you--it might be worth the small cost in the long run. I hope you each find something similar one day!