Hi all. I love Lux Link and have been to Aussie, Thailand and Fiji with great buys. I am wanting to travel again in '09. However non-USA based resorts are still charging (on the whole) the same rates as in '08, despite BOTH the financial crisis AND the fact that most are based in countries where their currencies (and costs) have fallen 30% to 40% against the US$ since mid '08. My currency is the NZ$. Now I know that LL has great deals but shouldn't those resorts in countries where their currency has fallen and where their costs are based in local currencies (Bali, Fiji etc) look at adjusting their rates downwards over '08 rates to: 1 Reflect that if we paid US$ to them in '09 then they are making 30% to 40% more than in '08 in 'local' terms; and 2 be more competitive in this economic environment. Who otu there thinks that LL should suggest to places in appropriate markets that they comnsider re-pricing in '09? Cheers, Stuart