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Small world! Thatís so cool I love that you are getting married twice How romantic. The Conrad Bali looks so nice. I think I have seen photos of the chapel you mentioned. We are thinking about doing a short trip to the Gili islands while we are there too. Have you heard of it. It looks spectacular Ė small islands with no cars or motor bikes, just bicycles and horses. We are just not sure about taking the time to get there because it will take several hours. I also want to stay in Ubud for a few nights.

We looked at a couple places in NL, but I was not impressed by the food. My fiancť is Dutch and I am American. I thought the US would be too far to plan everything. We decided on getting married in Ibiza. The food and weather there are always amazing!

Our trip to Bali we are calling our pre-moon. It's the biggest trip I've ever been on. I think for our really honeymoon we will just stay in Ibiza since it's so beautiful.. But since there may still be family around it may not feel so honeymoonish. So thatís why we are taking this big trip this year

I have been there (Gili Islands) when I was a kid, don't remember much now sadly

Bali is getting more and more touristy these days, but reading the reviews of Hotel Tugu made me think that we took a safe bet.

Agree with everything about NL, they don't exactly have culinary history...my husband who's Dutch hardly ever cooks Dutch food himself