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  1. Staying In The Castle

    Recently returned from a Luxury Link stay at The Castle - Autograph Collection in Orlando, Florida. With only 214 rooms (small by comparison to most mega resorts in the area), it is considered a boutique property. Located on a well landscaped site, facing Universal Blvd (although the address is on International Drive)....affording more privacy from main road traffic and noise.
    The location also affords the opportunity to walk to a number of nearby restaurants, if dining off site is preferred.
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  2. In Search Of Periquita

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    When planning our time in Lisbon, Portugal, I happened to recall the first wine I ever tasted. It was Lancers Rosé, light pink in color with a mild effervesce and produced by José Maria da Fonseca (JMF) in Portugal. It came in a brownish pottery bottle (no longer used).

    First impressions often linger for years.

    A quick map check revealed the JMF winery was located in Nogueira de Azeitão, a rural town less than an hour's drive
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  3. A Visit To The Seven Hills Of Lisbon

    After a late evening flight into Lisbon Airport followed by an interminable wait time in the taxi queue, and a brief 9€ ride, we arrived at the Corinthia Hotel Portugal, overlooking the hills of Lisbon.

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    Two weary travelers, we wondered what might await us inside.

    Oh no, a large group was milling about the check-in desk, apparently processing their arrival.

    Then a miracle.

    A smiling young woman approached
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  4. Have Cap - Will Travel

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    After a late spring and warm summer, filled mostly with work but sprinkled occasionally with some weekend leisure travel, we finally dusted off "The Cap" and readied it for a journey.

    Last year we decided to spend some soon-to-be devalued air miles and secure long-haul passage into Eurasia, an area we had mostly known from books and tales from friends who had traveled there.

    Some cursory research reveled a region
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  5. Wide Awake

    This is almost an adjunct blog to Omegaet's...

    I've been awake since 2:30am. I'm getting better. I get 4 hours of sleep at night, if lucky, if I can stay awake until 10pm. Naps extend to 6 hours, commencing about 8 am.
    We returned Tuesday night, after 2+ hrs Bali to Singapore, 9 hours at Changi airport in lounge, 7+ hrs to Tokyo, 2 hour connection, then 11+ hrs to Minneapolis. We had a 3 hour layover (thank God for SkyClub!) and almost 2 more hours home.
    Our time change ...

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