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  1. In Search Of Periquita

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    When planning our time in Lisbon, Portugal, I happened to recall the first wine I ever tasted. It was Lancers Rosé, light pink in color with a mild effervesce and produced by José Maria da Fonseca (JMF) in Portugal. It came in a brownish pottery bottle (no longer used).

    First impressions often linger for years.

    A quick map check revealed the JMF winery was located in Nogueira de Azeitão, a rural town less than an hour's drive
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  2. A Visit To The Seven Hills Of Lisbon

    After a late evening flight into Lisbon Airport followed by an interminable wait time in the taxi queue, and a brief 9€ ride, we arrived at the Corinthia Hotel Portugal, overlooking the hills of Lisbon.

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    Two weary travelers, we wondered what might await us inside.

    Oh no, a large group was milling about the check-in desk, apparently processing their arrival.

    Then a miracle.

    A smiling young woman approached
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  3. Have Cap - Will Travel

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    After a late spring and warm summer, filled mostly with work but sprinkled occasionally with some weekend leisure travel, we finally dusted off "The Cap" and readied it for a journey.

    Last year we decided to spend some soon-to-be devalued air miles and secure long-haul passage into Eurasia, an area we had mostly known from books and tales from friends who had traveled there.

    Some cursory research reveled a region
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  4. Wide Awake

    This is almost an adjunct blog to Omegaet's...

    I've been awake since 2:30am. I'm getting better. I get 4 hours of sleep at night, if lucky, if I can stay awake until 10pm. Naps extend to 6 hours, commencing about 8 am.
    We returned Tuesday night, after 2+ hrs Bali to Singapore, 9 hours at Changi airport in lounge, 7+ hrs to Tokyo, 2 hour connection, then 11+ hrs to Minneapolis. We had a 3 hour layover (thank God for SkyClub!) and almost 2 more hours home.
    Our time change ...

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  5. Our 4th visit to the keeps getting even better!

    We just returned from a Luxury Link package to The Liaison Hotel in Washington Dc. What a great experience. Monica Schmidt, from the Liaison coordinated our visit. She gave us the same pet friendly room as we had in the past. She also arranged for a refrigerator and pet supplies. (bed, fancy bowls, and an adorable toy!) The best part is she surprised us with wine and an amazing meat and cheese platter....absolutely WOW!!! Ashley, housekeeping supervisor whom we befriended on our last visit, ...

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